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Become The Next Big Producer!

Have you ever had an idea for a movie or TV show? Sure, we all have! But often times we don't know where to start or we let life get in the way. That's why we created MovieBot. The Artificial Intelligence that is trained to take an idea and develop it out for you. 

All you have to do is give MovieBot a few ideas and our Artificial Intelligence will do the rest. Whether it's a comedy show about 3 friends from college, or a drama about a powerful family, in less than a day MovieBot will have a script and characters for your project. Its super easy and super fast so get started on your project today!

How It Works


Input Your Movie Idea

First things first, you'll need to tell MovieBOT about your movie or show idea. Give as many suggestions as you can. At a minimum, a genre and plot idea will get you started.


Get Your Script

Once you've submitted your movie idea, MovieBOT will email an expanded version of your plot outline. Along with a title, charcters, and scenes for you to film.


Start Filming!

Take your script outline, ideas, scenes, and start filming. Build on what you have, or shop it to someone else for them to produce. Its up to you. You can also ask for a revision if needed and MovieBOT will tell you what to do.

Contact us:

What You Will Get!

A well thought out and developed plot outline derived from your idea that you can use as the basis for a full script. In addition, you will receive a potential title, a list of characters with descriptions, and 2-3 written scenes with dialogue.

What You Will Not Get...

A fully written 80-90 page script. MovieBOT is designed to take even a small idea and give you the basis to build an entire script. With it's limitations it would be difficult for the system to write out an enitre script. However, we do offer an option to use MovieBOT as an ongoing writing assistant. Which You may explore if you are happy with its initial results.


My name is Casey

I am the Team Lead on the MovieBOT project. We are a small team of 3 people. One creative and Two techies. Our intention was to use open source AI not to replace human thoughts, but to allow for people who only have an idea to be able to move forward through the creative process.


I have had ideas for several movies for years that I never did anything with. MovieBOT allowed me to get something useful on paper and make fantastic suggetions for the plot, characters, and scenes along the way.


After discussing with a few friends, we realized that many of us were in the same space. So we decided to release the technology to the public calling it MovieBOT. All of the tech is open source AI so we do take a small amount for out time, work, server costs, and just to keep the project going in general.


We hope to continue to improve and grow MovieBOT to allow for creatives to save valuable time and more easily work through mental blocks in their process. Thank you for your support!

Team MovieBOT

What Our Clients Are Saying...

“Thank you MovieBot! I have been sitting on this idea for years and didn’t know what to do with it or how to develop on it. Your great ideas have given me much needed inspiration. Keep it going people need this!"

Shawn Eppinger, OH, USA

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